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Naomie Muteba is Miss Europe Continental Global 2024

Naomie participated in Miss Europe Continental Global 2024 and won the crown. Here is her interview for Miss Europe Continental.

“My name is Naomie Afumambale Muteba, I represent the Republic democratic of Congo and I was born in Kinsasha the capital of my country. I have been in Italy since the age of 11, precisely in Milan. I attended the Giovanni Paolo II Linguistic High School, graduating in languages. During my years of study, I had work experiences in the fashion world. Currently, I am enrolled in a Three-Year Fashion University in Milan. I am a passionate fashion student and I dream of becoming a talented and revolutionary fashion designer like Gabrielle Chanel. I am attending university because I have a strong passion for clothing and creating garments that express each individual’s personality and style because fashion can be used as a means to express one’s personality and style. My motto is “dress as you would like to be addressed”, which means that each individual should dress in a way that expresses their personality and individuality.

In addition to traveling in my free time, I like to write, Cogito ergo sum “I think, therefore I am”. When words fail, writing comes in to express one’s thoughts and much more. Furthermore, creating is one of my favorite activities: a great preparation for my clothing brand, which has only been patented so far, before I have to finish with my studies.

I think empathy is one of my best qualities, besides being a bit too ambitious. Family is also a quality, since it is one of the greatest blessings of life and can offer love, support, understanding and backing. My main flaw is the lack of a middle ground. The strength of Women is my source of inspiration. In my family we are more women than men and I see in them a strength that cannot be underestimated, they have proven to be able to achieve great goals and to face challenges that were once considered impossible.

I think that Women can be a force for change, a force for justice, a force for peace and a force for prosperity because their resilience, determination and courage have been demonstrated in all fields, from politics to economics, from sports to science. Their strength is a force that can be used to change the world for the better. The journey to Italy was undoubtedly one of the events that marked me, a clear sign of a new life, new responsibilities and new challenges. For me, happiness is being serene because it is a state of equilibrium that can be achieved through self-awareness, understanding of life and its challenges, and connection with others. Serenity can be a form of happiness, as it can help reduce stress through physical exercise. Additionally, it can increase productivity and improve mental health.

One of my favorite quote is “If you don’t like what you are receiving, change what you are giving”, which speaks for itself. I feel honored to be in Miss Europe Continental, it’s an opportunity to share my passion for beauty with all of you. Fashion to me represents a means of communication.

In ten years I hope to wake up preparing my three children to take them to school with my husband, and afterwards everyone will go to do what they love, their own job. I also see myself alone, with a Pomeranian, managing a business. As I anticipated, I don’t have middle grounds, so I always have a plan A or B.

My wish has always been to be able to pass on the crown to someone else, especially among women, and to be able to do it on a global scale would be a dream come true”.

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