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Miss Europe Continental United Kingdom. Diana Aliverdiieva tells us about her dreams, her inspirations, her projects… Let’s get to know her better

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Diana, I am 31 years old, and I am proud to represent United Kingdom in Miss Europe Continental 2025.
I am a person filled with endless enthusiasm and joy for life. Each new day for me is an opportunity to be inspired by the beautiful world around me, to be happy, and to bring joy to others. My heart is full of gratitude for every moment of life, and I strive to make this world a better place with my smile, kindness, and creative view of the world. I adore an active lifestyle, filled with new discoveries, as they bring me true happiness. I love this life and I am full of energy to make it brighter and more interesting. My heart beats to the rhythm of creativity and art, as they are the source of my inspiration, joy, and happiness. My love for art, music, literature, and all things beautiful surrounds me, filling my life with meaning and beauty. I aim for new creative heights, creating a world where every moment is imbued with magic. Recently, I graduated from a prestigious British school of art and design , where I immersed myself in the world of creativity and fashion. Art evokes emotions and a great interest in me.

I love everything related to fashion and creativity because I see it as an opportunity to express myself and share my inner world with others. For me, art is not just about beautiful paintings or fashionable outfits, it is a way to communicate with the world without words and self-expression.
Today, I want to share my passion for beauty and art, inspire others, and show that beauty is not only about appearance, but also about inner radiance that shines from within. Thank you for the invitation, and I hope that my passion and love for art will touch the hearts of everyone.
Moreover, I aspire to fulfill my dream of becoming a designer and creating masterful outfits for all women. My ultimate goal is to design exquisite pieces that enhance the beauty of every woman who wears them. I want to reveal the inner beauty and instill confidence in each one. Through my designs, I aim to show women new facets of their personalities and give them the opportunity to become who they have dreamed of. My ambition carries deep meaning and can have a profound emotional impact on each client, helping them break through the boundaries of their doubts and discover new possibilities. I want to prove and show women that they are beautiful. I want to give them inner freedom, a radiant gaze, and a confident smile that will captivate hearts. Thank you for this opportunity to share my dreams and passions with all of you.

– How and when did you start modeling? From your Instagram content it seems you have a lot of self-confidence. Are you always comfortable in front of the camera?

Since starting my modeling career at 19, I have immersed myself in a world full of exciting opportunities and vibrant impressions. The profession of a model has become not just a job for me, but a true source of inspiration and self-expression. Every outfit I tried on during photoshoots or on the runway revealed new facets of my personality and allowed me to express my emotions through fabric and style. It was exhilarating. Being a model meant not only posing in front of the camera but also playing different roles, bringing designers’ creations to life, and creating stories with every step on the runway. The incredible opportunities for self-transformation drew me to this profession and motivated me to strive for new heights in the world of fashion and creativity.
The profession of a model for me was the art of embodying beauty and style. Working in front of the camera was also my inspiration. I loved posing for hours in front of the camera. The process itself brought me a charge of positive and bright emotions. This experience also served as a starting point for my creativity, and I went to study fashion design, bringing my ideas to life. The modeling career opened up new facets of my personality, allowing me to express myself from different angles and reveal my versatility. It was important for me to know how to present myself beautifully in different styles and roles, and it was in the modeling world that I found the opportunity to experiment and showcase my full potential. I adore everything related to fashion and style.

– You have recently undertaken your Fashion Designer studies. Where do you get the inspiration to create the clothes from? Will your clothing brand be coming out soon?

So, as I mentioned earlier, I quickly made the decision that I wanted to become a designer and enrolled in a preparatory course at the Marangoni Institute, and after that, I decided to apply to a British design school. This school instilled in me a creative perspective on everything, as if I had put on magical glasses and now look at the world through the eyes of an artist. They immersed me in the world of art and opened my eyes to the fact that even the smallest detail can inspire the creation of a masterpiece.
The British school of art and design is about creativity and innovation. You have to be an artist by nature and not be afraid to experiment, not sticking to rules and conventions in your mind. Pushing the boundaries of reason, playing with shapes, textures, colors, getting inspired – that’s what design is all about. There is only one rule – stick to the concept, and of course, engage your imagination – that’s the keys to success. Luckily, I have been blessed with imagination and creativity, so I quickly created my final lineup (collection).
What served as my inspiration – forms, classical music, in particular the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, the elements of nature, and movies 😉 And the prototypes for creating my collection were Monica Bellucci and Sharon Stone. These women inspired me to create my collection. Their gaze, their movements, their inner message captured my heart from the first frame. I rewatch their movies, noting every detail of their behavior and character, every movement. I observe how these women carry themselves and the impact they have on those around them. They conquer, they inspire…
The concept of my lineup ( collection ) is Femme fatale. Who is femme fatale for me? I have always been drawn to strong-willed women, possessing inner magnetism, passion, who create an atmosphere of mystery and attraction around them. And I showed how I see femme fatale in an artistic fashion image. Let’s say, in couture by me. The forms, texture, structure, and color of my pieces speak of the energetic force of the fatal woman, she ignites hearts like flames. Her beauty is like a volcanic element, striking with its contrasts and power. She is unpredictable, like a natural element, capable of turning the world upside down. To be precise, her beauty cannot be described in words – it is most likely some kind of magic that she carries within herself. This vision became the inspiration for my collection, which attracts attention, leaving a mark in the hearts of those who see it.
I strive to create a personal brand where the philosophy and DNA will be fatal beauty, elegance, boldness, extravagance, and captivating individuality. Every woman wearing my creations will leave a trail of mystery, breathtaking beauty, and wild passion. The girls who wear my designs will embody passion and tenderness, strength and vulnerability. Unique charm, beauty, and charisma are what, in my opinion, lies in every woman. I aim to create collections that will emphasize the inner strength and beauty of women, helping them realize their uniqueness and attractiveness. Each woman has great potential, it just needs to be ignited and given freedom! It would delight me if in 5 years the whole world would talk about my brand and I could make all women happy with my designs. Their smiles and confidence will bring me true happiness. I want to see women happy, strong-spirited, determined, and brave. My dream is to inspire women to self-expression and self-acceptance, showing them that true beauty is their inner radiance, which can be emphasized through fashion.

– Regarding Miss Europe Continental, what do you hope to gain from participating?

In 2023, I was fortunate enough to become Miss Continental United Kingdom, which I am very happy about. Participating in Miss Europe Continental is a new beautiful stage in my life for me – it is an opportunity to enrich my life with new horizons, discoveries, and unique experiences, as well as to meet interesting and talented people from the fashion and beauty industry. I believe that this will not only be a unique experience but also a chance to show my confidence, style, and individuality, which can inspire others to self-expression and self-acceptance. Being ready to step onto the runway and present myself with dignity and grace is not only an act of self-expression but also an opportunity to emphasize that true beauty is celebrated not only in external magnificence but also in the inner light that radiates from every woman. And it’s also my dream 😉 and you know dreams are meant to come true❤
– Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you soon in Naples.

Let’s follow her path at Miss Europe Continental through Instagram

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