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All the Queens of Miss Europe Continental

The competition

Miss Europe Continental was born in 2013 to celebrate female beauty and the culture of the different European nations through the famous made in Italy. The world of Italian fashion is an inspiration for people all over the world, whether they are creators or spectators, and the aim of the Contest is to open the doors of this reality to those who observe it from far away, thus Miss Europe Continental was born and then it opens up to overseas realities. After many locations, today the city of Naples is confirmed as the official venue of the event: for each edition, dozens of Misses travel from their countries to reach the Neapolitan city for the Beauty Olympics. 

The Show

The shows feature beauty queens, each from a different country in the world, wearing dream dresses and telling their stories to the cameras: at the end of each show only one of the competing candidates gets the title and crown. The winner carries the title for the entire following year and through the organization she takes her first steps in the world of fashion and entertainment, laying the foundations for a concrete career.

Reigning Miss

Aigerim Abilkadirova
Miss Europe Continental Global Edition 2022 Aigerim Abilkadirova from Kazakhstan Born: February 2, 1996
Betsy Buitrago
Miss Europe Continental Multinational Edition 2022 Betsy Buitrago from Colombia Born: May 12 ,1987
Lisandra Franciskievicz
Miss Europe Continental Planet Edition 2022 Lisandra Franciskievicz from Brazil Born: December 19, 2002
Sofia Cajo
Miss Europe Continental International Edition 2022 Sofia Cajo from Peru Born: March 3 , 1998
Mina Jay
Miss Europe Continental World Edition 2022 Mina Jay from Iran Born: September 4 ,1988
Barbara Suter
Miss Europe Continental European Edition 2022 Barbara Suter from Switzerland Born: May 25, 1991
Sara Taheri
Miss Europe Continental 2019 Sara Taheri from Iran Born: 01/29/1995
Araceli del Cont
Miss Europe Continental 2018 Araceli del Cont from Bosnia Born: 07/01/1993
Natalia Varchenko
Miss Europe Continental 2017 Natalia Varchenko from Ukraine Born: 04/26/1990
Anna Semenkova
Miss Europe Continental 2016 Anna Semenkova from Russia Born: 02/26/1988
Lindita Idrizi
Miss Europe Continental 2015 Lindita Idrizi from Albania Born: 11/04/1996
Nicole Di Mario
Miss Europe Continental 2014 Nicole Di Mario from Italy Born: 07/14/1996
Serena Petralia
Miss Europe Continental 2013 Serena Petralia from Italy Born: 09/18/1997
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