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Camila Santander: Miss Europe Continental International 2024

Camila Santander, 25 years old from Chile, participated and won the crown in the International Edition of Miss Europe Continental 2024. She is an Engineer in Economics and Business Administration, she has her own online entrepreneurship and also deal with the world of fashion, beauty and makeup.

– Who inspired you in your life/career?

My mother inspired me to follow this path, since she was a participant in Miss Chile 1985, where she took third place and I’m proud because thanks to that example I participated in several contests in Chile and now I’m at Miss Europe Continental.

– Is there a particular event or something in your life that has marked you?

What has marked my life the most is the death of my dog Kuky last year, a little before traveling and fulfilling my dream of visiting Europe. Kuky was the one who taught me the responsibility of caring for a sick puppy for 3 years, where treatments and medicines did not exist in Chile and I had to work very hard every month to be able to buy everything for him and he would not lack anything. As a result of that work, I began to save during the pandemic to fulfill my dream of seeing the world, and thanks to that effort to which she exposed me every month, I managed to travel by my own means at the age of 24, unfortunately she left me in the way and to this day it is a very sensitive subject for me.

– What is happiness for you?

My happiness is the joy of my grandmother in her eyes, a hug from my parents or a simple gesture of company and affection towards me. I feel that achieving happiness is very simple if you focus on the things that remain in life and not on the material.

– What is the phrase or quote that you will never forget? Because?

The phrase that I will never forget and that follows me to this day is the “Goodbye” from my parents, especially my dad, every time I have to travel. My dad is a 73-year-old man with serious heart problems, due to this disease he has had to undergo life-or-death operations several times, and just last year he had a stroke while I was doing my modeling career in Spain. It was very serious and I almost had to return to my country expecting the worst. This is why for me each “goodbye” from him could truly be the last.

– How do you feel about being here in Miss Continental Europe?

I feel lucky to be able to represent my country in such a world-renowned event and give my country joy if it reaches the podium. For me it is a unique experience in which I will be able to better understand the world of beauty, live my dream in all its splendor and meet different people and cultures. I am really very happy to already belong to this contest.

– What does fashion represent to you?

Fashion for me is the image that we project every day towards society, it is a lifestyle where you let your self-esteem be seen abroad in an elegant and distinguished way.

 – How do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself as a successful businesswoman, it is very important for me to fulfill myself professionally, especially at an early age. This can be through a business related to fashion and beauty, which is what I am passionate about, or a luxury restaurant.

– If you could make one wish come true, what would it be?

That my family, especially my mother, could see me in the final of Miss Europe Continental in person, she is very proud of me and projects herself with my dreams, in addition to the fact that she has never traveled due to economic problems since the situation in Chile is very difficult and my family will not be able to accompany me.

The day of the final is my birthday, and I would really like to have my parents there with me.

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