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Official fashion designer for the 12th edition of Miss Europe Continental: Rizan Sheman

1. You are on the official team of Fashion Designers of Miss Europe Continental Edition 12. How does it feel to be part of such a dynamic and established international team?
Being part of the Fashion Designers team for Miss Europe Continental is an honor. It’s exciting to collaborate with such a talented and diverse group, contributing to an event that celebrates fashion and culture on an international stage.

2. Tell us about your Creativity and Passion:

a. What do you draw the most inspiration for your creations from?
I draw the most inspiration from nature, art, and the diverse cultures I encounter. The colors, textures, and forms in these elements fuel my creativity and help me craft unique and expressive designs.
b. How would you describe the woman you draw for?
The woman I draw for is confident, elegant, and bold. She embraces her individuality and expresses her personality through fashion, valuing both style and comfort.

3. Tell us about your future plans.

My future plans involve expanding my fashion brand internationally, collaborating with other creative talents, and launching a sustainable fashion line. I aim to continue pushing the boundaries of design and making a positive impact on the fashion industry.

4. What advice would you give to an aspiring fashion designer who dreams of pursuing this career?

My advice to an aspiring fashion designer is to stay true to your vision, continuously seek inspiration, and never stop learning. Embrace challenges as opportunities to grow, and build a strong network within the industry. Most importantly, believe in yourself and your unique creative voice.

5. What do you expect from this experience at Miss Europe Continental?

From my experience at Miss Europe Continental, I expect to gain valuable exposure, connect with other talented designers, and draw inspiration from the diverse styles represented. It’s an opportunity to present my work on a global scale and participate in a significant event, furthering my professional development.

Take a look at her profile: Rizan Sheman- Fashion designer (@rizansheman)



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