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Yuliia Karpets at Miss Europe Continental

Let’s meet our beautiful Miss Yuliia Karpets, from Ukraine!

Yuliia is the winner of Miss Europe Continental 2024 European Edition.

Here her interview for Miss Europe Continental.

‘’My name Yuliia Karpets and I’m from Ukraine.

I am a model and make-up artist, I also really like sports and dancing. I am a very persistent person, active and cheerful.  I always achieve my goals, I consider myself a leader. Sometimes I am too picky, both to myself and to others, I consider this my shortcoming

All my life I have been inspired by my mother, she is a very strong woman who was able to build her life without anyone’s help and achieve success

The day that changed my life was February 24, 2022, when the war started in my country, this day made me strong, I moved to another country and started life with a new letter.

Happiness for me is when my family is happy and peace reigns in my country and my best quote is:

‘’A beautiful life begins with beautiful thoughts’’.

I am happy to be in Miss Europe Continental, I feel that this is another important step in my life. Fashion is an inspiration for meand in 10 years, I see myself as a happy mother and a business woman”.


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