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Veronica Corrente: From Candidate to Juror

Veronica Corrente represented Italy in the tenth edition of Miss Europe Continental. Her participation can be seen worldwide on YouTube and on the Prime Video television streaming platform.

Veronica is considered one of the most interesting among the new emerging Italian models. She has participated in many well-known beauty contests, a world that no longer holds secrets for her, and in several “Milan fashion weeks”.

Since she was a young girl, Veronica has studied poise and everything that can be useful for this job, so she got noticed by the production for her talent and professionalism, as well as for her beauty.

Beauty pageant juries are often made up of figures from different areas of the entertainment world. The Miss Europe Continental organization has considered after several years that only a candidate is able to evaluate this path, a woman who has lived the same experience and has drawn a professional result from it, who is always ready to get involved, professional , correct, an example and a motivation for the competing candidates. Veronica, like her fellow judges, fully reflects this profile and Miss Europe Continental could not have had a better Jury.

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