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Inna Pavlyshynets is a Ukrainian born who lives in Hollywood CA where the dreams come true. She represents sunny California, a Golden State!

Since a very young age, Inna was passionate about working in the entertainment industry as an actress and a host. At the age of 6th, she was traveling all over Ukraine performing with her local theater. A native of Noviy Rozdil, small town in the western of Ukraine, Inna is a valedictorian graduate from the Lviv Ivan Franko National University, with a masters degree in Ukrainian/Japanese Languages.

After moving to the USA she become valedictorian graduate from the renowned Full Sail University, with a masters in Entertainment Business. Inna pursuing commercial/TV acting, modeling and VoiceOver. With her busy schedule she cherishes a time when she can get close with a nature – beach, mountains, hike etc where she recharges and finds her inner connection. She loves spending time with her family and friends, sharing smiles with close people fulfill her soul. Also, she helps a community, volunteering at the AngelsFood, the charity that helps people with needs to get food, Inna helps to prepare and deliver ready to eat meals. She is focusing on mental health as well as physical, that is why gym is necessary part of her day to prepare to take over the whatever comes her way. Innas best quality is communication, she truly enjoys meeting new faces and exchange energy flows. Her people skills are excellent, which is crucial in any fields of life. When it comes to Innas worst flaw it will be an impatience.

She understands that great things take a lot of work and dedication but she finds it hard not be impulsive and not to make quick decisions. There is something she is working on to improve.

Inna was always obsessed with Show Business, an ability to create enjoyable experience in life either it is a film, fashion, music, art! She always wanted to be a part of this beautiful process. Action, camera, lights, stage inspire her! She believes she can deliver a beautiful example that everything is achievable if you put your mind into it. Inna never wanted to be like somebody else but wanted to show a uniqueness of each of us! Of course her biggest cheerleaders are her parents and family who always support her in every beginnings!

The biggest impact on Inna was a decision to move to different country, USA,at the age of 20 years old, completely by herself without knowing anyone. She made her way and continue to strive. The universe landed her in Hollywood and she feels like a fish in a water here, it is a capital of entertainment business and she can not think of a better place to continue her career.

A true happiness for Inna is health! That’s the most precious thing, anything else could be gained! She wants to be able to share happy moments with the loved once for a s long as possible. World is about kindness and caring for each other!

The phrase that always stick with Inna is “Don’t Dream It, Be It”. Time is passing quick, fulfill your dreams, don not waste an opportunity on Earth. It is time to shine, there is no one like you on this planet. Do not wish but do it, try, fail and try again till you succeed! All the experiences leads to something, we just realize it afterwards. Get out of your comfortable zone!

Miss Europe Continental is a wonderful reminder that we must celebrate ourselves every day. This event brings inner and out beauties from all over the world, the opportunity to discover different cultures, learn and dive into the world of support and caring for each other. It brings us together to cherish life in general! I am truly proud to be a part of this community that makes changes in the world by spreading kindness!

Fashion means attitude, confidence, outlook in life! It is a powerful tool to embrace human power, to show variety of characters, it is an art in many ways. Fashion is a movement that showcasing values of each generation!

Let’s follow her profile:

Inna sees herself as a successful, established business woman/host of her own talk show. There is no doubts she sees herself as a mother as well with her own family. She always picture herself enjoying sunset at her house in Malibu with her loved ones!

My only wish is no more WARS ever on the planet Earth!!!!!!!!!!!! We were born to spread and receive love, there should be no space for hate in this world!

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