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I am Priscila Maroto Alves, originally from Brazil, and currently residing in Belgium. I am truly honored to represent Belgium in this competition. This is an exciting endeavor for me, and it marks my very first participation in such an event.

A Bit About Me

My journey began in a quaint Brazilian town, where I was born. I later pursued my education and graduated in foreign trade. Over the years, I’ve accumulated valuable experience working for multinational corporations. Alongside my corporate endeavors, I’ve passionately pursued photography and maintained my role as an influencer. During my leisure hours, I indulge in self-care activities, such as visiting the gym, meditating, and practicing yoga. My heart finds immense fulfillment in the field of photography modeling, and I take great joy in the creative process of video production.

Oprah Winfrey serves as my ultimate inspiration. Her words and actions continually motivate me. I firmly believe that life revolves around inspiring and uplifting one another, a mission that genuinely drives me – inspiring and motivating people.

Additionally, I derive profound happiness and serenity from singing, which brings me calm and joy during my moments of leisure. Reading remains a lifelong passion, enriching my life with knowledge and wisdom.

In terms of my career aspirations,I look up to Camila Coelho, a Brazilian model whom I deeply admire.

The invitation to participate in the European Continental is a remarkable opportunity that I never anticipated in my life. It has filled me with a sense of empowerment and marks a significant turning point in my personal journey.

Happiness, to me, is inseparable from good health and inner peace. My heart finds the greatest joy when I can positively impact others through my actions and support, truly illuminating my sense of fulfillment.

My quote is: “Blessings come in many forms; they don’t follow a single path.” 

What is the phrase or quote you will never forget? Why?

Once, my boss told me, “This place is not for you,” and I must admit, it struck a chord within me. This experience prompted me to reevaluate my life and perspective. I realized that I wasn’t born to be confined to the office but to explore and embrace life with a different outlook.

– How do you feel about being here at Miss Europe Continental?

To be a Miss is a dream, a unique opportunity that fills me with a sensation that I can be more than I ever imagined. When Emanuella extended the invitation to me, it took me some time to accept, but I realized that it’s more than just being a Miss – it’s about discovering the best in myself. I am incredibly thankful for this invitation.

– What does fashion represent for you?

Fashion, for me, is a true passion. I thoroughly enjoy crafting my own unique style, creating videos to inspire other women, and demonstrating that we, as women, are capable of much more than we might initially think. It’s a way for me to showcase the beauty that exists within us all.

– How do you see yourself in ten years?

In 10 years, I envision myself as a motivational speaker for women who may not believe in themselves. My goal is to inspire and empower these women to recognize their incredible potential and pursue their dreams with unwavering confidence.

– If you could make one wish come true, what would it be?

If I could make one wish come true, it would be to win the competition, not only for myself but also for all the people who support me and believe in me, especially Emanuella. Additionally, fulfilling my dream of singing would be another wonderful part of that wish.’’

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