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Livia Gueissaz – Miss Europe Continental Brazil 2025!

My name is Livia, I’m Brazilian, very sociable and positive, interacting with others makes me happy. I love fashion and aesthetics in every way it materialises in objects, nature as much as in people.

From your instagram content it seems that you have a lot of self-confidence, are you always comfortable in front of the camera? What do you do to be so confident and photogenic?
Most of the time I feel very comfortable as I love photographic expression and I feel true to myself.
It is meaningful to think that while we all desire perfection one should be happy to make commitments which are achievable and be happy with one’s progress rather than wanting immediate success or the very best which always require a longer path. As far as being photogenic goes I trust qualified feedback as much as my own, it is not always we see oneself completely objectively.

What do you expect from the Miss Europe Continental?
It is an exceptional opportunity to take part in a prestigious event focused on my keen interests for beauty and the word of aesthetics. I am also very excited to spend this time with people with similar interests and trying to do something beautiful together. It will be an enriching life experience.

What advice would you give to other candidates?

Simply let’s all have a supportive and fantastic time together.

Is there a quote that motivates you in the most difficult moments? Which one and why exactly that one?
Everything will be fine in the end! From every tough experience you need to learn from it as a positive and you will become stronger thanks to it.

Tell us about your future projects.
I would like to continue to develop my interests in aesthetics and share further this passion for fashion and beauty with people who appreciate it as well. Sharing and contributing positively to others fulfils me.

Instagram – Livia🍃 (@brancaly)



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