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Feel like a princess: Valentina Cherniavska at Miss Europe Continental

‘’My name is Valentina and I am from Ukraine. For last 5 years I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I studied veterinary medicine in Ukraine and now I work in a laboratory at the University of Zurich. In my free time, I play tennis, go to the gym, do modelling, meet with my friend and travel. I adhere to the concept that in life you must follow call of your heart and conscience. I believe in karma. My strengths endurance: fast learner and multitasking. Even under stress, I can concentrate on several things at once and get them done. My weakness: impatience and excessive emotionality.

In life, I am inspired by my dreams, my childhood dreams. Already in childhood I saw and knew what my life should be like and what I should be like in it.
It was significant for me when I just got a job in the laboratory in Zurich , on the first day, I dreamed of becoming the head of the department, although I had little chance because I foreigner. But still every day I was a star, putting in a lot of effort. And 2 years later, I was finally appointed for head of department. Everyone knows, that foreigners need to put in much more effort to achieve something in a foreign country, so this was an important moment in my life, that I was recognised in Switzerland and my merits were appreciated.

Happiness for me is when, there is the peace in your soul, when you don’t yearn for the past and don’t worry about the future, when you just enjoy the moment now.
My favorite quote: “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too” Paulo Coelho. There is no reason in complaining about people, about circumstances, about conditions. In order for something to change, you need to start with yourself.

A woman in our modern world has many roles and tasks in life. And one of them is precisely to be a woman: beautiful, feminine, sophisticated. For me, participation in the competition is a manifestation of my femininity, my craving for beaty, fashion and performance. This is a chance to feel like a princess and shine.
For me fashion is not only external attributes like clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup etc., it is also a type of behaviour, habits and an internal sense of style. Fashion reflects the cultural aesthetics of a certain time period.

In 10 years, I see myself as a beautiful, healthy, confident woman, surrounded by loving, reliable people: family, friends. I created a charity foundation to promote talented children from villages in Ukraine. I have a chain of beaty salons for pets in Switzerland and be a representer on a Swiss TV channel. I organize a woman’s club in Zurich and record podcasts for women.

If I had one wish, I would wish that it would become prohibited in the world to resolve political and territorial issues through military action, and that nuclear weapons would be completely eliminated and banned forever. So that everything is resolved through negotiations and environmentally friendly compromises. I believe that in the modern advanced world there is absolutely no place for wars.’’

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