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Let’s meet Dominika Volodina, Miss Lithuania 2025!

Hello everyone, my name is Dominika and I represent my beautiful country, Lithuania.

I am a dance teacher and photo model. I like to try to dedicate all my free time to myself and to my loved ones. I also love spending time on photo sessions or filming sessions and composing dances. We could say that my best qualities are probably kindness and faith, my worst are I’m incredibly impatient.

-We know that you are also a choreographer and aerial gymnastics coach. What do you love most about this job? Is there any advice/message you would like to leave here for your students?
Yes and now, in addition to working as a choreographer and trainer of gymnastics and aerial gymnastics, I am studying at a higher education institution for the sake of new knowledge.
About this job I mainly love seeing my students on stage, they are my pride and my happiness!
A message that I would probably like to tell all my students – Dream and confidently go towards your goals, sooner or later you will come to the result!

-What is happiness for you?
What is happiness for me? Actually a very difficult question. I love to please people close to me, I am happy to see my students on stage, for me happiness is a broad concept – it is close people, my favorite job, it is plans and happy students on stage.

-What or who brought you closer to the world of fashion?
I approached the world of fashion and photo shoots at the age of 17. At first, out of curiosity, I tried my hand at an ad on Facebook, in the end it started and now for me it’s not only an experience but also income.

-We have seen many of your wonderful modeling shots. What do you feel when you are in front of the photo camera?
As I said before, every time being in front of the camera is an experience in which I feel free and happy!

-How do you feel about being here at Miss Europe Continental 2025 and what do you want to learn from this experience?
I am incredibly grateful and happy to be and try myself in such a competition as Miss Europe Continental 2025. Probably, like every girl, you want to prove and show yourself what you are free to do.

-You are a very young woman, but you are already very enterprising! What are your goals and dreams for your future?
At the moment I’m planning my future like this: graduate from college, open a dance studio and live a happy life, learn fabulously, but the main thing is to go towards your Goals!

Dominika we thank you infinitely for your time and for talking about yourself.
We can’t wait to get to know you up close.
See you soon in Naples!

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