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Sofiya, Miss Europe Continental Uzbekistan

Hello, my name is Sofiya and I am from Uzbekistan.
In my free time I love going out with friends, travelling outdoors, in the mountains, and swimming.
I am very fond of my family, in fact when I come to see my mother, I help her at home and spend time with my dogs.
In the world of fashion, I am inspired by the endless imagination of designers, artists, new interesting experiments. It is interesting transforming into different imaginative world of fashion.
I proudly represent my country Uzbekistan in the competition, and I look forward to discover new interesting and beautiful people in fashion industry, communication with famous people, views on which I want to improve, discover new things, have the opportunity to help someone in the future, study good deeds.
I want to get an education and a favorite profession, build a family, raise children, but I don’t want to farewell with the fashion world either. It would be nice to establish a beauty school so that every child can show themselves since childhood, show their best qualities.
In the future I want to be a good lawyer and the coolest, famous actress, model and producer.

Thanks to:
Ph @abushito
Mua @aidos_rysbek

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