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Let’s meet our Miss from Kosovo, she says about herfelf:

‘’-I am Malda Bytyqi, I am 17 years old, born on August 22, 2006, in Prizren, Kosovo, and currently living in Switzerland. I am a student at the gymnasium, studying economics and law. I have always been passionate about fashion, having obtained a diploma in styling and being affiliated with a modeling agency. As a jack-of-all-trades, I love trying out new activities. For me, it is essential to diversify experiences and have fun exploring new horizons.

– I am a very cheerful and spontaneous person, always looking for the positive side of things. My spontaneity has led me to have enriching experiences, even though sometimes it can cause me problems. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and I have a taste for risk. My flaws include my stubbornness in achieving my goals and my impatience for immediate results, but I am learning to manage them to better appreciate the process.

-My parents have been my greatest sources of inspiration in my life. Their dedication, unconditional support, and love have guided me at every step of my journey. Their teachings and example have inspired me to pursue my dreams with determination and to always believe in myself. I am grateful for their constant presence and encouragement, which have been the pillars of my personal and professional growth.

-For me, happiness is personal fulfillment and a positive attitude. Setting goals and achieving them, while maintaining an optimistic outlook on life, are essential aspects of my well-being. Personal fulfillment allows me to grow, discover myself, and push my limits. Every goal I accomplish, big or small, strengthens my self-confidence and motivates me to go even further. Moreover, adopting a positive attitude towards life’s challenges and opportunities allows me to see the bright side of things, stay motivated, and spread this positive energy to others.

-The quote I will never forget is from Henry Ford, who said, ‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.’ It inspires me tremendously because it redefines failure as a learning experience rather than an insurmountable obstacle. It encourages resilience by highlighting that each failure offers valuable lessons that make us wiser and better prepared for future attempts.

-I am thrilled to participate in Miss Europe this year. It is an immense honor for me to represent Kosovo at this prestigious event. Taking part in this competition is a unique opportunity to share my culture and values, and to showcase to the world the beauty and richness of my country.

-For me, fashion is a powerful means of personal and collective expression. It enables individuals to communicate their identity, values, and aspirations through their choice of clothing and accessories. Thus, fashion reflects the personality and convictions of each person, while also providing the freedom to reinvent oneself and share personal stories with the world.

-In 10 years, I see myself flourishing and fulfilled, both personally and professionally. I envision having built a rewarding career in the fields of economics and law, while also integrating my passion for fashion into my professional endeavors.

-If I could make a wish, it would be to see a world where everyone has the means to realize their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances. A world where education, equal opportunities, and respect for diversity are at the core of our societies, enabling each individual to thrive fully and contribute positively to the global community.’’

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