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Let’s meet Bella Davis, Miss Europe Continental Sweden

Hi guys thanks for having me, my name is Bella Davis I’m a Swedish half Jamaican and I’m professional model that travels all around the world and has more than 10 years experience. Yes, people call me an influencer aswell but I prefer to have the title “Model”. Despite now being a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova that has over 20 million followers on their social media

I have a really structure life so I always stick to daily routines. I believe having a routine is the foundation of living a healthy life and being successful. My routine consists of working out, meditations yoga and pilates. I also enjoy running and cycling. I also read books daily as I like to learn new things that will help excel me and keep my mind, body and spirit in alignment. I push myself really hard in my day, and keep those who close and dear to me who are a positive assets in my life and we motivate each other to stick to our routines and to grow as poeple.

How important do you think it is to feel good about yourself ? And feel satisfied?

To feel good inside and out is the number one key in life. If you don’t love yourself how can you then love others? I train daily on self love and I been working on myself for years and now when I feel whole then I can give 100% to people around me. I take my time a lot, this helps me re-charge and balance out the hectic work life that comes with my profession. Meditation helps me find my peace as well as spending time around my loved ones, family and dear friends who help ground me and make me smile and laugh. And of course working out daily make me feel a lot of confident and I can feel proud but I am never satisfied. I think it’s important to never be satisfied because as human being we don’t really know what we capable of so I like to push myself a little bit more each day and that’s how I grow

How did you decide to get involve in the world fashion and how did you start modeling ?

As a kid I wanted to be a football or handball pro. I played sports for 10 years, as well as attending a sports school. My life shifted when I was visiting my Dad at 12 years old in London I was discovered by a model agent who worked for Select Model management so being signed at that age I just felt I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t speak English well at all at that age and I was focusing at sports as I was really good at it. Of course I always watched America’s next top model and looked up to Tyra Banks as a kid but it wasn’t til I turned 16 that I really wanted to take up modeling again and I then got signed in America and the rest is history.

How do you feel about being here in Miss Europe  and what do you want to learn from this experience?

I am so excited to be in the final of Miss Europe Continental! This is my first time doing a Pageant competition and to represent my country feels like an honor for me. I have a really competitive mindset and when I do something I go all in so to win for my country is my only goal. And I’m sure I will grow as a person and learn even more about beauty then I know now. I love to be at new places and to meet new people from all over the world so I can’t wait for this

Are there any goals you like to achieve? How do you see yourself in 10 years ?

My future aspirations are to first of all be happy. But in general to become a top model and to succeed above all my expectations. I have some secret things I am hustling on right now that u will see soon! But the goal is to see myself using my skills and knowledge in a productive way that is of service to those around me. I would like to help other people find their inner strength and peace and I also hope I working in an industry that allows me to continue to learn, growth, and be the best I can be. And of course in 10 years for now hopefully I have become a mother aswell, that would be such a gift for me

Thanks for your time Bella, see you soon in Naples!

Thanks for having me I can’t wait to see u in Italy ❤️

Let’s follow her path at Miss Europe Continental through Instagram



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