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Today a special interview with our Miss Cristina Creciun

Today we present our Miss Moldova, Cristina Creciun, who with her charm and determination has already won the hearts of the public who warmly support her in this adventure. Cristina is a girl with sweet features, always fit and smiling. It’s hard not to be conquered by such pure and authentic beauty. We chatted a bit with Cristina, here’s what she says about her:

“My name is Creciun Cristina, I’m 19 years old and I’m Moldovan, but now I’ve been living with my family in Germany for three years.
I want to be a model because in addition to the passion I have for this job, I am also a person who likes to travel, to be well-groomed, elegant and refined.
I have huge self-confidence and always see the positive side of things.
Why Italy?
Because in my opinion Italy is the country of fashion..
And through a lot of work and new experiences, I see myself as a model with great success.”

Follow her path to Miss Europe Continental, and support her on this exciting journey.

Don’t miss out on her Instagram news, and see her latest photos:



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