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Let’s meet Valerie Miachina

Hello everyone, my name is Valerie, I’m 27 and I’ll represent Ukraine in the next edition of Miss Europe Continental. I live in Barcelona, where I’m currently settled due to the war in Ukraine.

– How did your passion for rhythmic gymnastics arise?

Regarding rhythmic gymnastic, my mom used to force me doing that when I was a children until I’ve realized I do love it and it became my passion which is eventually converted onto aerial gymnastic.

– In your career you have had a lot of work experience and traveled a lot, what levels have you reached, and which ones have thrilled you the most?

During my career I’ve passed through some of a non trivial experience starting with a circus, which was kind of dangerous job working on a 25 meters height and then followed up by a seagoing experience as a part of show on MSC cruise lines. Throughout my career I’ve visited most of  European countries, crossed Atlantic Ocean, been through all of the Caribbean countries and islands, USA… Right now I’m involved in my own projects developing social media and promoting my stretching system, tutoring of aerial hoop and silks, being a model for some brands every now and then.

– When did you decide to pursue a modeling career? Was it a passion born randomly or has it always?

I decided to be a model after several shoots and promotions with the costume brands for aerial gymnastics, and once I’ve received this offer I’ve decided to go for it.

– Regarding Miss Europe Continental, what do you hope to gain from participating?

From Miss Europe Continental I’m expecting to get a modeling and shooting experience, promote myself and of course to win this contest 🙂

– Last question. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ten years is quite of a distance to plan in our dynamically changing world, but I’d love to run my own business, like an aerial and pole dance studio where I’ll be passing my experience and passion to this art onto new people, I’d certainly love to have kids with my husband and maintain our family relations as a top priority and live my happy life.

-Thank for your lovely time. See you soon in Naples

Best regards, Valerie.

Let’s follow her path at Miss Europe Continental through Instagram

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