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Miss Europe Continental Beauty Queens

The eleventh edition of Miss Europe continental has its beauty queens.

The Jury composed of former Miss Nelly Rai, Valentina Kishko, Veronica Corrente and Valentina Turatti, attended all the events and professionally evaluated all the candidates, awarding the crown to six beautiful Misses. The first to be crowned is Yuliia Karpets from Ukraine, who won the crown during the European edition on November 5th. Then during the international editions, five beautiful Misses were voted by the jury and crowned. On November 17, the World Edition sash went to Stella Zilberberg from California, on November 20, Naomie Afumambale Muteba from Congo celebrated with the Global Edition sash. The International Edition, which took place on 23 November, saw Camila Fernanda Santander Vargas from Chile excelling, just as on 26 November, in the Planet Edition, Kathryn Gharibyan from Armenia came out on top. Finally, the last to celebrate, last October 29th, was Ava Gui Ling Yen from Singapore, winner of the Multinational Edition.

The five international stages of the ‘beauty Olympics’ created by Alberto Cerqua had the  Theater in Marina di Castello as their location and were hosted by Marco Senise; the European edition – which started the olympics – took place at the Mostra D’Oltremare in Naples, conducted by Veronica Maya, supported in the hosting by Antonella Salvucci, Maria Monsé and again Senise. The Red carpet was also crowded with media and guests, among the stars to be mentioned Beppe Covertini, Patizio Rispo, Francesca Giuliano, Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Gianluca Benincasa with his book directly from the last edition of Big Brother and the singer RyMa. Also back on the Miss Europe Continental stage are Imma Pirone, Raffaella di Caprio, Massimiliano Morra.

Special thanks to the official sponsors: L’Orafo Mediterraneo, Ivoryone, Curly’s Way, Oliver Weber, Tenuta Tre Piccioni.


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