Every six months the color palette changes, more or less bright shades, natural brushstrokes and exciting fluo tips appear to give character to the seasonal outfits. Even the mix & match of fabrics, as well as colors, has its meaning: it is experimented to find new color combinations.

Let's go and analyze them all!

Optical white - almost total look to be broken up with accessories, finding inspiration in 90s looks.
Butter white - a white that tends to yellow, for the most romantic outfits with shirt dresses, baby dolls and lingerie.
Cardinal red - full, intense and bright, it will be the tip of red that we will dress with wonderful deconstructed suits or severe dresses.
Sunny yellow - warm and enveloping, this shade of yellow will be among the most popular of 2021.
Pretty pink - has all the sweetness of cotton candy and is therefore ideal for full-bodied fabrics such as tulle and mikado.
Lilac-wisteria - the color of the flowering fields on the coasts of France: a perfect balance between delicacy and character.
Under-forest green - a touch of neutral green that can transform any garment into a wardrobe passepartout, to be worn from early to autumn.
Lime - lights up the look and hardly goes unnoticed.
Cinnamon brown - you can use "cinnamon" in more acidic lime-colored outfits.
Greige - Elegant and timeless color, symbol of Armani: every year it finds new color combinations that renew it. This year it is worn with blue.
Sea blue - it combines perfectly with greige, silver and butter white.
Gray - never too dark, gray will replace black and become a symbol of a new femininity. Strong and aware.

In the picture our beautiful Miss, Aneta Sulek, with her fantastic long dress in the color Optical white!