Dance is an art that is expressed in the movement of the body through a choreography or improvisation. It is present in all cultures of the world and is considered one of the most ancient arts. In our culture the origins of dance date back to the prehistoric era.

Today it is considered a truly universal language to express oneself on a stage.

Its main genres are:

1) classical;
2) modern;
3) contemporary;
4) sporty.

Dance is discipline, work, teaching, communication. It gives us pleasure, it sets us free, and it is a dream that makes you feel alive in an imaginary reality through the emotions it gives you. It happens in our show of Miss Europe Continental in which there are important and suggestive choreographies performed by our models.

Dance is also an expression of femininity in fact an example of it is the beautiful Natalia Varchenko, winner of Miss Europe Continental 2017, not only a model but also a Latin dancer, an important couple dance.

Rhythm, elegance and determination characterize her photos.