Christmas not only brings gifts, but also binges and feasting with family and friends. Due to the slice of Panettone, tortellini and chocolate, the body has put on some weight and now it is time to run for cover with the diet after the holidays. To alleviate the sense of guilt following dinners and lunches, the diet after Christmas holidays must be based on a detoxifier to purify the body of all waste and toxins that have accumulated in the days of the festivities. 

The diet after Christmas consists in the consumption of herbal teas, herbs and fruit and vegetable based decoctions which are essential for rebalancing the body and allowing it to function in the best possible way, as well as healthy and natural weight loss. You can prepare smoothies based on oranges, apples and yogurt or herbal teas with herbs such as dandelion, milk thistle, anise, etc.

Obviously, in addition to the foods to be consumed, physical activity must also be associated with the diet after Christmas in order to compensate and obtain even more important and rewarding results. Swimming is one of the many activities that can be practiced to eliminate toxins and have a fit body.

Also our Miss Europe Continental Greece, Kyriaki Katsogresaki, is always in shape respecting a healthy and balanced diet accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and sport.