Nowadays the role of women in society is very better than in the past. The power of women is finally visible to everyone and it is appreciated. Miss Europe Continental is an all-female world and our models have not a beautiful face and body, they haven't only beauty quality but.

An example is our Anna Demianets. Anna is our official model of this year and she isn't just very beautiful but she's also a talented stylist. She's a greater and professional worker.

She creates wonderful clothes and outfit for women, men and kids and she has a very high quality style. The elegance that she could put in her creations is so soft and cute that it's a guarantee, she's totally a business woman.

Anna lives in fashion world and she's a strong and independent woman who can't wait to show her amazing catwalk on our final stage.

You can see her creations on her IG page: @_annadreams_