Let’s introduce Zeina Hassan, 2023 contestant from Egypt.

Zeina is a very young but self-confident girl, at her young age she has already collected important life experiences and taken her first steps in the world of fashion and beauty. Soon we will see her on the stage of Miss Europe Continental. But first, let's get to know her a little more:

“The journey of life has taught me a lot, at this young age, I’ve had the undeniable pleasure of living in three different continents. Gaining social, professional and personal lessons tailored to me. 

At the age of 16, I found passion in expressing my emotions through modelling, which has led to an exhilarating career! Getting to know the modelling, makeup and photography industry, I immediately fell in love. 

I continued exploring the beauty and fashion community through creating my first small business: Zion, selling makeup brushes through an online website I created. From there I kept working on my career and moved to New York, where I kept modelling and working on entrepreneurial projects. 

I believe that Miss Europe Continental is just the beginning of an even bigger journey. I am eager to meet new people and understand this lively industry even more. I am sure that this opportunity will take me to great places and teach me even more unique lessons that not many are lucky enough to have!”.