On the occasion of World Women’s Day, today we want to introduce our beautiful Miss Europe Continental Colombia 2023 : Alejandra Villamizar!

Here is his interview for Miss Europe Continental

‘’My name is Alejandra Villamizar and I’m going to Represent Colombia in Miss Europe Continental 2023. I am Mother of a beautiful girl, lawyer by profession, entrepreneur of a Colombian female brand and owner of a foundation that is dedicated to helping vulnerable population in my country, is called our Granite of Sand and exists more than 2 years ago. That makes me very happy.  Additionally I am a social media content creator, I am inspiring real and natural woman, I love to travel and share my daily life with my followers and friends.  My greatest quality is empathy and honesty and worst effect is being impatient. 

My inspiration to achieve what I have achieved so far, has indisputably been my daughter, she is who every day I rise to be a better version, to give the best of my as a woman, mom, professional, leader and entrepreneur.   Situation that has marked me without doubt. It has been having my foundation Our bit , in every activity we have done with people who need it so much and see that gratitude and that love full of gratitude on their part, has marked my life in an incredible way. Which makes me try my best to give the best of myself and my foundation. I wish I could help even more, and I know we’re on the right track to help more people. 

What is happiness for me?

Happiness is when you decide to be in fullness and peace with yourself, when you enjoy every situation however minimal it is and when you really value the important thing of life and many times are the little things. What may be insignificant to others ends up being the most valuable and enriching.  That is true happiness. 

One phrase that identifies me is: 

"Insist, persist, resist and never give up" Why? Because I consider myself an intense woman who works constantly to achieve her goals and goals. That even when there are obstacles, ups and downs and falls she is always ready to get up and continue on her way until she does. I don’t give up easy. 

This contest makes me feel with many expectations, which makes it a very interesting project because with this experience I will be able to inspire more women to achieve their goals and dreams and continue to promote and encourage more people to altruism. 

What does fashion mean to me? It is diversity, moments, emotions and places that reflect making it more or less striking. 

How do I look in 10 years? With many more strengths, helping even more and enlarging our foundation. 

I see myself as a great leader and inspirer of altruism and empowered women. 

If I could make a wish come true, what would it be? 

Let there be no hunger, need and individualism.’’

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