Today, interview with our Miss Rosa, here's what she tells us:

"My name is Rosa Jasmin. I was born in Finland, but nowadays I take residence in Switzerland. I would describe myself as kind, curious and always seeking new adventures. I love reading books and collecting knowledge. I also love running, it gives me some form of freedom. I have always had a special interest in fashion.  Even when I was a little girl people found me in the “weirdest” clothing I could get my hands on. In my childish mind they looked lovely and felt lovely, others disagreed. Even then that was the one thing I couldn't care less what others thought of me. I think strongly that should be everyone's right to choose whatever fits for them best. In fashion or with whom one loves. I would like this world to have a bit more kindness and awareness, that our actions have always consequences. Always. I also believe that all of us have a path that we create with our choices. We have the power to change or choose how our lives turn out to be. No one else, except ourselves.

I find Oscar Wilde’s quote about life very inspiring “We are all in the gutter, but some of us looking at the stars.” Or Marcus Aurelius “Everything we hear is an Opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a Perspective, not the truth.” No one should search the love or the light, because we have them, in ourselves.

I am very honoured to be part of this event. This is for me a different kind of adventure which I have zero knowledge of. I am prepared to step out of my comfort zone, meet new interesting people and of course learn new things."

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