Today we know better our Miss Europe Continental Slovakia 2023.

Below her interview for Miss Europe Continental.

‘’Hello everybody, My name is Natalia Kleitsch. I come from eastern Slovakia and I am currently living in Košice, which is the second-largest city in my country. I have recently celebrated my 25th birthday and as of this year, I am going to be representing my homeland - Slovakia as Miss Europe Continental Slovakia 2023.

I would describe myself as a very active, creative and ambitious person. From an early age, I was really drawn to fashion, beauty and especially dancing. I have been dancing ballet and contemporary dance for over ten years. Thanks to dancing I had a great opportunity to travel and perform all around the world. One of my greatest achievements was when I became a world champion in contemporary dance at the World Dance Masters in (Poreč) Croatia in 2009. Nowadays, I am still training but I decided to try pole dancing for a change, where I can use my great flexibility. My other hobbies besides dancing include travelling, modelling, photography and learning foreign languages. I have got a degree in the field of translation and interpretation for European institutions and economics. I speak Spanish and English fluently and have some knowledge of German, Italian and Hungarian languages as well. As for my carrier, I am now working as a professional makeup artist, photo model and content creator. One thing you should know about me is that I am a big perfectionist. I would say that perfectionism is one of my best qualities and it often works to my advantage but it can sometimes be my biggest flaw at the same time.

- Who inspired you in your life/career?

My mom is definitely the biggest inspiration in my life because she taught me literally everything I know and introduced me to the world of fashion and beauty which I love. I admire strong and independent women who are not afraid to follow their dreams. One of my role models is Katarina Van Derham, a Slovak-American model, actress and publisher.

- Is there in particular an event or something in your life that has marked you?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the unfortunate time when I got sexually assaulted by my superior at work. It was a very traumatic experience and I had got through severe PTSD, anxiety and depression. But it thought me a lot and I became a much stronger and more confident woman afterwards. I am not afraid to talk about it anymore because I know, that my story can help and empower other women who have suffered something similar to me.

- What is happiness for you?

The definition of happiness for me is spending quality time with my family, loved ones and especially my little pomeranian puppy called Teddy, who is my biggest love. I am trying to be grateful for every little detail and appreciate every positive thing in life. This is what brings me joy and happiness.

- What is the phrase or quote you will never forget? Why?

I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter book series because there is simply something magical about them. My favourite quote that I always remind myself of is one from the books as well. “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light…” and I think that it really speaks for itself.

- How do you feel about being here at Miss Europe Continental?

Being part of Miss Europe Continental is really exciting for me. I think that it's such a great opportunity to meet new people, gain new connections and experience that pageant glamour and all that belongs to it. I hope that this experience will further help me with my carrier life and give me some insight into the world of beauty competitions.

- What does fashion represent for you?

I am in love with fashion! For me, fashion is the creative way through which I can express myself and it has a significant role in my life. 

- How do you see yourself in ten years?

I always want to grow personally and professionally. I would like to become a successful and inspiring businesswoman. One goal is to open a beauty salon or photo studio and maybe have my own makeup line. In ten years I imagine myself travelling a lot, discovering the world and still continuing my journey within the world of beauty.

- If you could make one wish come true, what would it be?

My wish would be to somehow erase all evil, suffering and poverty from the world so everybody could live their life to the fullest and find happiness, love and peace.’’

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