"Hello! I'm Sandra Fasson!  I grew up in Sweden and at an early age I started to challenge myself, learning to appreciate the little things in life.  I practiced horse riding in Germany and Belgium.  I have qualified and represented Sweden in several world championships for young horses and many Grand Prix.

I received two degrees and I have a Business Certificate in Business/Marketing, from Santa Monica University, USA. I have studied textile and design at University Linköping in Sweden and I am Co-founder & CEO of three companies.

Looking back at what a complex well-trained crew is requires a sense of fine motor skills and determination. I'm a creative person who values a great conversation with family and friends. I proudly represent Sweden in Miss Europe Continental. 

What do you expect from the Miss Europe Continental? 

A wonderful time and good memories, push my limit to grow. 

What advice would you give to other candidates? 

We share this time together and let’s make the most beautiful out of it by enjoy right here and now. We are women who represent a whole nation, and this is an experience we want to look back at and smile. Don´t be hard on yourself, what made you this far is your personality. Your beauty comes with who you are. Stay supportive and positive and you will receive the same energy back. 

Tell us about your future projects

I want to fulfill all my dreams and make the most of it. My passion is to learn more about the culture of different countries. Beyond that, I will find my own way to achieve my mission and vision by taking care of my business. I want to be an example of a beautiful woman with big thoughts for the whole world."