Let’s read together the interview of Miss Europe Continental Poland , Julia Yurhenson.

‘’I work as a model and photographer, actively study languages, do yoga and train in the gym, I love traveling and outdoor activities, I love to play golf.

My strong quality is my kindness, I am very cheerful and always achieve my goals, my weak quality is my slowness. My inspiration is myself, or rather my desire to develop myself and get better every day!

Is there in particular an event or something in your life that has marked you?

My homeland was attacked by Russia and I had to move and start rebuilding my life in another country completely unplanned.

Happiness for me is the health and well-being of my family, the results in the development of my career and my beloved person is nearby, but at the moment my heart is free. This parable reflects my personality. This is a Slavic parable.  

“I write down everything good in my heart, and everything bad in the water.  If I did the opposite, my heart would now be all in scars, and so it is - a fragrant paradise.  God has given us two precious abilities: to remember and to forget.  When good is done to us, gratitude requires us to remember it, and when evil is done, love prompts us to forget it.”

- How do you feel about being here at Miss Europe Continental?

I am very happy to represent Poland, it is a country that has become my second home after Ukraine

Fashion for me is, first of all, the ability to emphasize my strengths in appearance with clothes, as well as to express myself and spare a certain tone and mood.

I wish the world would focus not on destruction, but on creation. All children who has a cancer to recover, so that those who lost their home during the war would find it again.’’