I was born first of all in a wealthy environment, in the beginning l grew up carefree, but after the big political and economic changes which happened in my country, my family lost it's financial stability, so my carefree life was ruined.

During the school period l had to face lots of challenges and difficulties because of the financial situation of my family, but I was trying to compensate for this with my best scores, leadership in class and best education. 

In spite of the lack of some resources, which I really needed as all the other children, I never gave up, struggling always for the primacy and nowadays I'm very grateful for that period of life because I learned to fight challenges, fight for everything I want and I deserve from life.

After graduating from school,  I entered the university, the biggest and oldest Institution in Georgia, with the highest scores in the region, at the age of 16, with that I fulfilled my father's dream and I was so happy because my family and especially my father was so proud of me.

In parallel I started modeling professionally, I was a professional model of the largest modeling agency in Georgia.  After some years the manager of my agency proposed to me to participate in the national beauty pageant in Georgia. It was the biggest challenge in my life at that stage of my life but since I was already used to facing difficulties, I decided to accept this challenge.

After 1 month of preparation I became the official representative of my country.  It was really a great honor for me to present my country, my history, my ancient culture on the biggest stage in the world and be the face of Georgia among other 150 countries from all over the world, also one of the most interesting and inspiring experiences of my life  .

Nowadays my dream is to share my life experiences to the women of the world and be a good example for them, do something useful  and positive for them, because I know very well when a woman is alone and nobody understands or believes in her possibilities, skills, education, and readiness for achievements. I want to show them that struggle always makes sense and exactly for that l want to use the big scene of Miss Europe Intercontinental. I know that this is the beauty pageant where women's rights, women's role in mankind's life are the important values, it's a beauty contest with the aim to enhance the feminine charm and the cultures of the different countries participating in the competition. So l have the same purpose, that's why I'll try my best in this amazing beauty contest to give voice to women all over the world. 

I would recommend the same to other ladies in this contest, let's share something useful and positive to each other, knowledge, emotions, mood, encouragement, compassion, support, don't consider each other like opponents but as the friends, colleagues joined around one big aim to improve women's role and life all over the world. 

Here you can find her profile: https://www.instagram.com/dea.arakishvili/