Elegance in a woman is innate and very rare.

Femininity isn't purely aesthetic, it doesn't just mean beauty, the right height and weight, or the dress you wear.

But it concerns bearing, a set of attitudes and ways of being relating to others, such as sweetness, grace, personality, style, charm, sensuality, attention and care towards others.

Elegance is the opposite of ostentation, it is naturalness. Knowing how to wear any outfit with ease and enhance it presupposes feeling confident and at ease everywhere, aware of one's strengths and weaknesses.

Personality helps to define a style that does not change over time away from constructed poses and attitudes. Elegance is or must seem a natural thing, a daily way of being that characterizes the person in his uniqueness. The important thing is to find a style that enhances the merits.

Here is our beautiful and elegant Belma, Miss Europe Continental Montenegro 2019.

In its absolute simplicity, the quintessence of elegance!

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