My name is Michelia, I'm 22 and I live in France on the French Riviera.

I'm in a photo model agency and I also work in the hotel industry. I have a particular passion for dance. I'm a fairly simple and very human person. I like to enjoy life, because I've learned that every moment is a chance, so you have to live it day by day!

I love traveling because it allows me to discover different cultures, different landscapes and allows me to meet people from other backgrounds. Traveling makes me feel free, I like to cross the world to feel alive.

About my origins; I am Malagasy and Greek on my mother's side, Vietnamese, Filipina on my father's side, which makes me the representation of the diversity of my country!

I would like to highlight my country, France, which made me grow up, for its values and cultural diversity. I love my country especially for the fashion as well as for the styles recognized worldwide!

What do you expect from Miss Europe Continental?

What I expect from Miss Europe Continental is to have a unique experience and meet wonderful people. I like to face new challenges, step out of my comfort zone. It's my first time in a beauty contest and I'm going to give 200% of myself.

I would also like this competition to open new doors for me on what I really want to achieve: working in fashion as well as photography.

What advice would you give to other candidates?

The advice I will give you is to always remain simple and faithful to yourself, because for me beauty lies in simplicity.

Above all, it is necessary to take advantage of the present moment, as well as to keep human values. Let it be a moment of pleasure above all. A moment for Europe and the World to discover you through Miss Continental Europe. 

Tell us about your future projects

Thanks to this competition, I hope to evolve in photography, to find professionals who will be able to develop my potential, and to be able to integrate large agencies, as well as collaborate with major brands!