Mariana Mazzi is at Miss Europe Continental to represent Brazil. Mariana has achieved great popularity simply by sharing her everyday life and interests through social networks. Of course, her remarkable beauty played an important role in his growing popularity, and precisely through the platform and experience at Miss Europe Continental, Mariana sees an opportunity to show the public something more regard herself, beyond the image.

“Hello, my name is Mariana, but everyone calls me Mari. I'm 23 years old and since I can remember, I've been passionate about the world of fashion and everything that involves photography. I studied publicity, advertising and marketing and discovered that everything that involves art, creativity and innovation delights me. When I graduated from college, I started investing in my image on Instagram and in less than 3 months I gained more than forty thousand followers. Today I have almost sixty thousand followers, who follow my routine, my lifestyle, my thoughts and photographs on a daily basis. In my free time, I like to take pictures, go to restaurants and bars with friends and family, watch movies and listen to music. My biggest expectation is to be able to grow on social media and be recognized not only for my beauty, but also for the human being that lives in me. I hope I can help people in some way, especially by encouraging everyone to be who they want to be, without labels or standards.

I'm super excited about Miss Europe Continental and I hope that through it people can get to know more about the real Mariana, that they identify with me and that I also learn a lot from this extremely special experience and opportunity. I'm sure it will be an extremely unique and unforgettable week, full of learning and achievements. I'm really looking forward and happy for everything to come. I have to thank everyone at Miss Europe Continental for the opportunity and also thank all the support that my family and friends have given me so that all of this is becoming a reality. I'm really grateful for everything”.