Maha Belhaj will participate in the new edition of Miss Europe Continental: in November 2023 we will see her on stage with other beautiful candidates from all over the world.

Maha is a beautiful and intelligent woman, trained not only in the fashion industry but also in other professional aspects. Let's know a little more about her:

“My name is Maha, I’m 24 years old. I live in Belgium and I’m from Morocco. 

I’m a law student, I have a big dream about my ideal job. I would like to do a master’s degree in public international law. My studies are very important to me. It’s a tough one and throughout the difficulties and mistakes I’ve made while studying, it taught me a lot, especially to never give up. And I will not until I achieve my goal. 

I’m also a professional model since 10 years now with a french model agency based in Paris.

Modelling, shootings, being in front of the camera is what makes me feel alive. My passion helps me a lot to build my self confidence. To learn how to take care of myself, of my soul. To be gentle with me. And the most important thing, to get to know me. 

In my free time, I love to taking walks, it helps me to clear my mind. I love meditation and the connection with the nature. Reading books is also one of my favourite things. I love spending my time doing shopping or eating in nice places. 

Fashion means a lot me. I think the style says a lot about the personality of someone. It’s a voice, a way of expressing oneself, sometimes even of imposing oneself. And I love having mine. 

My participation in Miss Europe Continental is a opportunity for me to challenge myself. I love new experiences. The little adrenaline that it gives. I believe in myself because I know there is nothing I couldn’t do if I put my head to it. 

If I can inspire someone just in the smallest way, I would be happy. It’s also cool to meet new people from different countries. I love sharing and learning about different traditions and cultures. 

In ten years from now, I see myself as an independent and powerful woman. I see big. I want to achieve every goal I have on my list”.