"My name is Shantell Wicki and I am 18 years old. My origin is from the Dominican Republic but I live in Switzerland. Right now I am studying Business Administration. What I like most about my future job is knowing that I will be able to help others by doing something I like.

In my spare time I like to stay active by playing soccer, going to the gym or snowboarding. I also studied Classical Ballet for several years.

Spending time with my family and traveling are my real priority. I am an animal lover, and I have a puppy at home that I love. If it were up to me, I would have a house full of pets. I really like going to the zoo and learning about the animals.

I am adventurous, I have always liked to try new things. From ballet, horseback riding, and athletics among others. The idea of learning new things is very exciting to me. Since trying new things presents new challenges, which I always want to overcome.

Attending Miss Continental Europe is a great experience for me, which I will use to grow as a person but also professionally. I hope to learn a lot and inspire more girls to never stop dreaming and keep going.

I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity that Miss Europe Continental has given me. I will give my best."