" My name is Jana Jankovska (nickname of the artist Jana Lucky). I come from Zurich, Switzerland. I do modeling and participate in fashion shows in Zurich. I write and sing songs. Graduated from acting classes. I perform songs at various events and restaurants. I have my own youtube channel.

 I'm preparing for the Miss Europe Continental show very thoroughly. I do 6 workouts a week - a gym, proper nutrition, the complete exclusion of alcoholic beverages, from the word "not at all." I also watched a video from last year of Miss Europe Continental, in order to see how it all happens, and take note of how to hold on to the stage correctly and present yourself beautifully so that it looks dignified and elegant. I am also preparing a speech that will sound short, beautiful and pleasant for the listener, as I saw in the third round - the girls had to say their speech: "why exactly should they win."

From participation, I expect that the organization will be at the highest level. Make good and useful contacts, new friends and the opportunity to further advance in the world of fashion, contracts with Italian brands and further interesting invitations for my development. 

I have a lot of moments in my life that I remember very much, as my life develops in a very interesting and favorable way. But the two most important are the birth of my daughter Milana and the work on my video for the song "Never Say Never", in collaboration with the famous actor and my good friend Pedro Barroso (Portugal). I wrote this song myself and it has a lot of spiritual meaning about the relationship between a man and a woman.

My advice for all other participants is to not stop at developing only on external beauty, but also work out the spiritual world, willpower and develop throughout your life. I wish you all good mood and good luck."