"My name is Liya de Jong, I am 17 years old and I am Israeli.

I live in the north of the country in the form of a countrified settlement called a kibbutz, which is characterized by a cooperative community life that is reflected in a great deal of mutual help and a rich cultural life.

In addition, what is special about this type of community is that all the people in it know each other and there is a strong sense of personal obligation towards each other.

I am a high school student and I put a lot of effort into being a good student and excelling in my exams. It is very important to me to finish high school with a good final certificate so I will be able to study in the university in the future.

Outside of my school hours I am practicing  professional horse riding for several years and belong to a regional team and compete in professional riding competitions.

I really like to ride horses because it gives me a feeling of power and strength and also combines my great love for animals. At home I raise 3 dogs, a cat and parrots in my house, which are an inseparable part of my dear family.

In addition, I am engaged in modeling and also enjoying developing towards this direction. This was always one of my dreams since I was very little. I put a lot of effort into taking care of myself which includes very intensive sport training and dancing.  

I think I am characterized by my love for two worlds:

On one hand, I am very interested in the glamorous world, especially in fashion, beauty and aesthetics.

On the other hand, I am also very attracted to the world of nature, simplicity and calmness.

The combination of my love for both worlds fills and enriches my life. In every situation and in everything I do, I always set goals for myself and do as much as I can to achieve them.

I see the proposal to participate in the Miss Europe Continental competition as an extraordinary opportunity to advance and develop in a direction  which I love very much. In addition, this is a great opportunity to meet people from different countries and different cultures.

I am indeed young, but challenges have never scared me, on the contrary - they help me to grow and develop and I am very much looking forward to challenging myself in the Miss Europe Continental competition."