“Hello everyone! My name is Dunya, I live between Germany and Switzerland, I proudly have Afghan and Persian roots.

Time ago I worked in office for a lawyer, but right now I work in cosmetics and beauty industry. Beauty and fashion have always inspired me, I think that fashion represent who we are, wearing comfortable or sporty dresses but also sexy or chic dresses.

I love shopping and spending time with my family, I take care of people I love with my delicious dishes, I like cooking and I do it pretty well.

This is my first beauty contest and I will give my best, I will enhance my Afghan and Persian roots to show the world that we are strong women and we can be beautiful, fierce and open to fashion industry.

I imagine myself in ten years as a self-made woman but above all a beautiful and good mommy for my children, because my dream is having a family.

Good luck to me and to all contestants! “

Below some pics of Dunya, contestant of 2023 edition.