Hello there! This morning we meet our Miss Europe Continental Lebanon 2023.

Here her interview for Miss Europe Continental.

‘’My name is Layal Boulos, I am proudly representing Lebanon, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I am currently the executive assistant of the Bahamas Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and the state of Qatar! I speak 3 languages, Arabic, English and French! In my free time I love to travel and see new cultures. I have been to many places like Africa, Australia, Indonesia… etc but my favorite is Italy! Each place in Italy has a magical vibe, amazing people and yummy food, Italy and its charm never fails to put me in the best mood! In my opinion one of my good qualities is that I am very empathetic and understanding,  my flaw I would say would be that I am very sensitive and emotional!

The person who inspires me the most even to this day, is my mother! She is my number one supporter, best friend, doctor, teacher, chef … all in one amazing person!

The event that has marked me for life is the Beirut port explosion on August 4, 2020, the second biggest explosion in history after the Hiroshima explosion! Taking the lives of 220 people and injuring more than 6,000 people and destroying all Beirut! I was driving that day, and I felt pressure in my head, i saw the glass from all the buildings explode and I had ringing in my ears, I remember I had no choice but to leave the country the second day with tears in my eyes and a broken traumatized heart. This is the reason I choose to represent Lebanon in this pageant even though I am also half American, to show the people that Lebanese people refuse to give up , even after burying their country and their loved ones , We refuse to give up on life!

After this event my perspective has changed, happiness to me became the very simple things!

Time with my family, health, nature… I cherish these moments.

One of my favorite quotes is “ never make someone a priority if they make you an option “ because life is too short to waste on people who don’t value your presence!

I am very grateful for the experience and the chance I have to represent my country in Miss Europe Continental, especially in this time when the Lebanese are suffering the most!

Fashion is a way to express yourself, your character, and your mood to others! It is the image that explains a lot about yourself, it gives people the first impression!

I have high expectations for myself in the modeling industry in 10 years and hopefully kids, but I am grateful for whatever comes from God!

If I can make any wish come true, it would be to end world poverty and hunger.’’

Let’s follow together her profile: https://www.instagram.com/layalboulos/