Today we present Jessica Larsson who will represent Sweden at Miss Europe Continental 2023:

My name is Jessica Larsson and I am representing Sweden. I was born and raised in the northern part of Sweden where I am residing today. I live in a small town but i am far from a small-town girl.  I have always been passionate about travel and exploring the world and that passion led me too Los Angeles where I ended up living for a few years, studying acting and comedy.  

Later in life I found myself neck deep in a new passion – wine and meal creation, and naturally I threw myself head first and became a sommelier, which is my current vocation. To me there are few things I find more rewarding than composing a new dish and pairing it up with the perfect wine, but to get to do it with the people I love is what happiness is to me. 

I am really looking forward to be a part of Miss Europe Continental, because let's face it this competition is basically my life so far in miniature. Getting to travel and having an adventure to a beautiful country, obsessed with food, wine and family and getting to meet lots of beautiful and creative people, all packaged in to a brand-new experience. Fun! 

I have used the word beautiful a lot, but yet I haven't told you what beauty is to me... It’s all about self love, taking care of yourself and not to worry so much.   

I always pack my sense of humor and my joy for life when I’m about to go out for an adventure and boy... this is really going be a big one! See you! Xx

Take a look at her instagram profile: @jessieknows