Hello there today we meet together our beautiful Miss Jasmine, from California!

Here her interview:

‘’ Buongiorno! It’s Jasmine. First of all I’m so glorious for joining Miss Europe Continental 2023 and representing California The U.S. I’m a professional fashion model. After the 2021 year I parted with the first world beauty contest in Egypt, I got started to build my modeling portfolio in the field of Fashion magazine, Luxury Resorts and Finance. Recently I got started with bridal modeling.

What do you do in life and what are your dreams?

As stable as I can make my schedule I live in the regular-job-circumstance usually. I teach flamenco dance for children in a local academy and performing art center. In my free time I practice dance techniques in my private room or I analyze meticulously joint movements watching high-performancer’s videos as well. My dream job in my long term view is to be an educator in the field of dance. And for the next 5 years I dream of joining movies, dramas as an actor.

 What do you expect from this experience?

 First of all I wish to join the European Film, High Fashion world from this grand experience. So I'm trying to practice Italian.

What advice would you give to other competitors?

I want to say to them ‘Keep flexible mind even in the public’s sharpest words.’ Also i think we don’t have to be loved by everyone. I trust for sure if Leading Icons with healthy beliefs, fans will follow them for a long timeframe.

How are you preparing to face in the best way?

 It’s the most difficult question for me. For preparing the Show, I need plenty of things so meticulously. In my personal view, unsupported contestants are more difficult to show striking looks in every show than organized contestants. Recently I have only been a professional photographer personally without personal makeup artists, dress stylists. Also I just prepared to learn all styles professionally myself by making figure-hugging dresses and practicing makeup as a beauty youtuber. That’s my job duties. Rookies have to facilitate their own remarkable fashion stylings.

In the future, I wish to be the beloved artist for many years from the public. I hope my career builds up like an art work of grand artistic value that is inspiring to people.’’

Let’s follow together her profile:  https://www.instagram.com/jkbaile/