You are on the official Miss Europe Continental 11 Hairstylist team. How does it feel to be part of such a dynamic and established international reality?

Be part of such dynamic opportunity to join the Hairstylist Team bring me up more as professionist on the world of beauty. In my previous experience I been part as Hairstylist team of Milan Fashion week and other events. The contest of Miss Europe Continental 2023 will be the cherry on top the cake.

Tell us a little about yourself, when was your passion for hair and hairstyling born? 

I dominated the Italian market of “prêt-à-coiffeur” for about twentyfive years, real collections on hair fashion trends. Charismatic stylistish personality, with its Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer Collections contributes strongly to the diffusion of the Made in Italy style within the international hair fashion system.

The hair for Gaetano not only dresses the body, but also the true essence of the personality. Behind the research evident evolutionary signal from the figure of the hairstylist to that of hair designer. I had the opportunity to work for ( Canale 5 - RAI - Tv Moda ) for about 15 years in collaboration with international fashion clothing designer between Roma & Milan which give the opportunity to take care of styling hair of international famous Actress and Models. My future project is to be part of different Beauty contest and Fashion show worldwide.

What are the values that you think should be communicated and transmitted to the next generation of Hairstylist?

For the new generation Hairstylist I can recommend to never give up expecially in the beginning of the carrier. Keep always your target in front of you to reach the goals and smile always to the client and you will get pay back.

When we talk about hair, we also talk about fashion and trends, which every year tend to change, how do you manage to combine your vision, your style and your creativity with the needs of customers?

The Customers always ask for recommendation to the Professionist to get the best results conbine with the client idea and the vision of the Hairstylist. The Hairstylist must be good to observe the trends and personality of each customer to dress the perfect Hair design.

What does "beauty" mean to you? And what contribution do you think you can make to your Miss?

Whenever you are creating “Beauty” around you, you restoring your own Soul. The Miss are Beautiful themself already, my contribution will be only make them more attractive for the event.