Fashion makes people happy. Celine Schiefer truly embodies the spirit of Miss Europe Continental, and there couldn't be a more beautiful message to send to viewers around the world. Celine represents Austria and sees participating in the competition as an opportunity for herself and to bring happiness to others.

“My name is Celine Schiefer. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain in Steiermark. I always was a happy kid, until we had to move to the big City Munich in Germany. After that the only thing that made me happy was food. So, I ended up with 198 pound at the age of 18. I always got bullied for my weight, I never experienced the teenager first love or the first kiss at a sleepover. I always was the fat one, until I figured I need to change something. I started working out, eating healthy, being myself and I become someone confident enough to apply for Miss Europe Continental. 

Behind my “fat” figure was always a caring and social soul. That’s why I decided to dedicate my life to sick and old people. I became a nurse. After that I made my bachelor’s in nursing science and now I’m up to really change something. 

What I love about fashion is how it makes everyone happy. In the hospice I worked with a lot of kids. They knew they’re going to die, but I brought them some old clothes of mine and we did a little “Catwalk”. And it was the best time ever! That’s what Fashion is to me, something that changes yourself, makes you happy and confident, it makes people happy. Fashion is a way of escape your worries. Especially for someone like me, the world of fashion was never accessible, I never fit into the clothes I wanted to wear, I never had a chance to create my own fashion sense. So I am really living the dream now. 

For me being a Candidate in Miss Europe Continental is like a dream come true. The fat girl who always was looking to be seen, becomes a Participant at a Beauty Contest. I still can’t believe this is happening. 

In 10 Years, I still want to make sick and old people laugh, maybe by telling them I’m one of the most beautiful nurses in Europe, due to my win here!”.