Short special interview with our Miss Ekaterina Gordeeva, she is 26 years old. Today she tells us about her passions and dreams. 

“My name is Ekaterina, I am a public relations specialist. 

I travel a lot, I am fond of music, drawing and psychology. At the moment I am receiving a second psychological education. 

I take a little photography and do commercial shooting for stores. I love the beauty industry, and especially the perfume world. My dream is to create my own beautiful fragrance that will reveal women and raise their strength of spirit.

 I love people, that's why I'm studying to be a psychologist in order to understand them even better. I have also adored animals since childhood, and recently I got a wonderful Burmese cat. He makes me especially happy.

 In general, I love life, I love everything new and am not afraid of experiments, because I believe that in life you need to try everything that fate kindly provides you. 

That's why I agreed to participate in the contest, it's such an interesting and new experience for me! 

I will be glad to plunge into the atmosphere of the Miss Europe Continental and try my hand at the contest. Thank you for the opportunity!”

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