"My public life started when I was 6 years old. I won the beauty contest in Ukraine. It was the beginning of a great journey and the discovery of my future calling. Then there were offers from modeling agencies, television, magazines and here I am now at Miss Europe Continental.

I am an influencer and model, also I travel a lot. I love to enjoy life and do only the kindest and most beautiful things in life! For example, with the title of Miss Europe Continental, I want to improve the world a little. I want to be an example for women. I want to try to make a more just and balanced world where we can all be an integral part of the whole, which allows us to be an inspiration for future generations. All that is in my power! This is my dream.

Thanks to Miss Europe Continental I feel like I represent many women in the whole country of Monaco and I should be an inspiration to other women: love ourselves, have confidence in ourselves and believe that we can achieve all our dreams.

Despite the fact that we are fighting for one crown, before the stage - we are a team. We are a group that pursues the same goal, and although theoretically we are competitors, in practice we must be united, because for us the main thing should not only be victory, but also that the event be a success with the public and the countries that we represent.

As a woman and Miss, I am constantly open to new experiences and challenges that are not just fashion. My university degree is related to literature and languages, which I like as I speak five languages.

I read a lot, prepare and study competitors. After all, Miss is not just a beautiful and elegant woman, but a representative of the women of the nation, culture, tradition and history. Being a Miss means being an example of elegance as well as culture and knowledge." 

Here you can find her profile: https://www.instagram.com/darynalev/