Today with great pleasure, we present Sharon Luk our Miss Europe Continental Hong Kong 2023.

 “Hey, my name is Sharon Luk ( Chinese name is Mun Mun ⽂⽂ ) and I am currently 30 years old. I was born in Ireland and represent Hong Kong, because that's my ethnic origin”. 

Before pursuing modeling and fitness as a hobby, Sharon spent 4 years working as a programmer and graduated with a degree in  Computer Science and a master's degree in Business Analytics in the male-dominated world. Sharon is now pursuing a trading career.

In her free time, she loves hiking and outdoor activities.She loves to bake cakes and cook gourmet dishes for dinner. Sharon loves to feed animals and would like to have a cat as a pet someday.

 “I am also aware that the contest dates are approaching and I will have to increase my workouts in the gym and focus more on my diet. I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but inner work and inner beauty are what make us shine as individuals with longevity."

 - Who inspired you in your life / career?

My mother has always been the queen in my world. She encouraged me when I felt insecure and always told me to chase my dreams. She has been very loving since day one. I love my family and this is the number one priority in my life.

 - How do you feel about being here at Miss Europe Continental?

It is definitely a new milestone in my life that I will cherish a lot. Regardless of who becomes the winner, it will be the experience of dealing with the discipline of hard work that I value the most. I also look forward to making new friends, connections and performing. It will be my first time on stage.

 - What does fashion represent for you?

I believe that fashion is a way to express emotions and feelings. It's a wonderful way to feel authentic and comfortable in your body.

 - If you could make one wish come true, what would it be?

Sharon Luk cares deeply about mental health and raising awareness of violence against women. Motivated by her own experiences of bullying and body dysmorphia.

"When I was young from the age of 12-15, I struggled a lot with dieting and felt bad in my skin. The contest is a challenge for myself to face my fears."

She would like to become more famous through Miss Europe Continental so she can participate in more organizations to help raise awareness of women's physical and mental well-being. 

Sharon Luk believes that health is wealth and that education makes it possible to improve the lives of many women, to escape poverty.

- Which dream would you like to fulfill?

I would like to live a meaningful life with great health and abundance, be a very successful cryptocurrency and forex/gold trader while building a family by being a mother, wife and inspire other women to achieve their goals.

I would like to tell all the girls:

Never let anyone tell you that your best years are over.

You can become whoever you want to be. 

Believe in yourself, take time to meditate and work on your inner spiritual healing.

Find what you are passionate about and never give up. Find mentors who give you good advice and learn from others who have done it well, refine those ideas, be creative and make them your own.

Don't let anyone talk about fear in your dream.

The world is your island and the sky's the limit!

Lets follow her social media profile on instagram: @Munmunbey