There are women who, in addition to their beauty, have been able to distinguish themselves for their ambition, their initiative and their tenacity in working to achieve their goals.

We are made of dreams and hopes, without which we think we cannot live well.

The moments in which one is most alive are those in which the struggle for dreams and for the future is most intense, there is nothing more beautiful than having achieved a set goal: the resulting satisfaction makes one understand how much effort it is necessary, and from there comes happiness.

We therefore want to invite everyone to believe in yourself, cultivate your passions and work hard to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Today in our Magazine we present the beautiful Betzabeth Reyes Noyola, a woman who works hard to achieve goals and dreams.

She told us that she is really happy and honored to be able to represent her country, we will meet her on the stage of our final as Miss Europe Continental Mexico 2023!

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