They say simplicity is the key. Amber Morrison will represent England on the stage of Miss Europe Continental. Amber is an authentic girl and she lives her life in a harmonious balance between her work and her passions. Before meeting the "model" on stage, let's get to know a little more about her.

“My name is Amber Morrison, I’m from Manchester - United Kingdom. I’m 29 years old and currently working for a family run business.

I also have my own business selling lingerie: working for myself and family allows me to be flexible. I’m a reverted Muslim, I converted when I was 18 years old and I believe everything I have is God: my faith is strong. I’m very grateful for everything I have in life including this opportunity to be in Miss Europe Continental.

I’ve always dreamed of being a model and had no confidence. When I was younger over the years I’ve learnt to love myself and take up opportunities to fulfill my dream.

Travelling and fashion is everything to me: I’m very cultural so I enjoy styles from all around the world. I love how people express themselves threw fashion; it’s not just the clothes, it’s the hair, the make up, it’s a whole project.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel and see how other people dress, live, pray and eat. I admire seeing how other people live and where you can help people and grow your self as a person. I find travelling helps you to grow and realise how lucky you are as some people aren’t so lucky, so you can appreciate what you have at home.

Taking part in this competition I’m hoping it opens doors for me to travel more and experience more of what I love And I hope to inspire girls to gain confidence, to feel beautiful and participate in opportunities like this. 

In my spare time I take pleasure in spending time with my family, friends and animals. I learn about my religion: I’ll be joining Arabic and Islamic school this year as I want to be able to teach my future children about my religion. 

Health is very important to me so I try to exercise daily. I find it good for my mental health, it helps me stay focused and disciplined. 

Travelling is mandatory to me, I find it a form of knowledge. 

I enjoy taking pictures of experiences, memories and of course it’s fun to dress up and take cool pictures”.