My name is Alba de Guzmán Ruiz, I am 25 years old and I am of Spanish nationality.

Since I was little I have been disciplined, hardworking and a dreamer. I studied to be a Primary Education teacher, because I believe that social change will be promoted by the new generations and they must have a good integral formation of the person. I am currently a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I love helping people to get the best version of themselves and to gain self-esteem and security.

I am proud of my education, my values and beliefs; All thanks to my parents and siblings. When I was a child I already posed for photos, I enjoy every time I take a shot and I love feeling feminine and elegant. I have a lot of potential as a model and this pageant is a great opportunity to show it.

I love nature, art, music and animals. I am also an artist so sometimes I work as a singer and dancer.

I am sure that I will learn a lot from the team and from all the beautiful women who come to live this unforgettable experience.

Miss Continental Europe is a new purpose and a new illusion for me this 2023. I will continue to strive to be an independent, enterprising, empathetic, strong, helpful and humble woman.

I feel very grateful for this great opportunity.

"Everything that shines on the outside depends on your interior." "Inner beauty is invisible to the eye."

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