Hello, my name is Ana Alicia Ruiz and I have the honor of representing Spain in this new personal challenge. I am a young entrepreneur from Malaga, I have 3 companies; an aesthetic center, a model school and I am a fashion designer. In my free time I go to Latin dance classes, I work out, I love reading, I ride and ski. I like to spend time with my family, partner, friends and pets; I have dogs, cats and a parrot. I am an animal Lovers. My attitude is my best quality, thanks to this I am today where I want to be, fulfilling every goal.

My worst defect would say that I am very perfectionist and demanding with myself, it is good because thanks to it every day I am better professional but on the other hand sometimes it is frustrating if things do not go as I want.

- Who inspired you in your life/career? 

My mother, for her strength and positivity. She is a person who has not had an easy childhood and with a way of seeing life well ahead of its time. He has taught me to work and fight for what one wants with perseverance and perseverance because nothing comes raining from heaven. The education and values she has instilled in me have made me the woman I am today.

- Is there a particular event or something in your life that has marked you?

A particular event or situation might say no, rather the whole of them. At the age of 18 I opened my aesthetic center, which taught me to deal with the public, organize an agenda and work many hours to get the business going sacrificing my social life. A few years later I became a model. Here I began my struggle to break with the canons of beauty, I worked for countless designers and shops. Others did not hire me because of my height, although they recognized that I was a good professional, their final decision was no. I liked attending parades as a public; and on several occasions I heard different people commenting that the clothes were very cute but that they could not wear them. This led me to decide to set up my own School of Models that fights for the diversity and imperfection that makes beautiful the world in which we live, with models of all sizes and statures, so the audience that attends my catwalks feels identified with what they see. 

- What is happiness for you? 

The moment I find myself in today. I feel full, surrounded by a family and couple that supports me and loves me as I am, real friends few but quality, businesses that grow more and more every day. Have good health, feel the air on my face or the sun on my skin recharging of vitamins and energy. 

- What is the phrase or quote you will never forget? Why?

‘’Pequeña pero matona’’ (Small but tough). This phrase says a lot about me, I can with everything; I face and jump every stone that is put in my way. I always take on the positive side of things and learn from mistakes to continue growing both personally and professionally.

- How do you feel about being here at Miss Continental Europe?

Very happy and satisfied, that an international contest forget the established beauty canons and decided to count on me to break with stereotypes is incredible.

- What does fashion mean to you?

A way of life, fashion makes you feel beautiful, confident, sexy and elegant.  If you feel good, you will be unstoppable.

 - How do you look in ten years? 

Being a better person, a better model, a better teacher, a better designer... In short, a big millionaire entrepreneur hahahahahaha especially in projects. 

- If you could make a wish come true, what would it be?

An end to discrimination in fashion, something I have been fighting for for several years. Let all designers and beauty contests open your mind to all kinds of bodies and people with special qualities. Finally to value the professionalism of people and not their measures.