Hello! My name is Laura, I am 29 years old, I live in Belgium and I have Italian roots. I will share with you some information about my life to know a little more about me.

I am a photo model for a few clothing stores (wedding dress, ready-to-wear, caftan etc.) I am also a medical pedicurist and I studied sport and communication at school.

I love spending time with my family and friends who are important to me. I love going out to eat and going shopping and I love to travel.  I consider myself adventurous, I want to be able to feel alive and do as many things as possible before I get old, I want to try everything in life and have no regrets. Life is one!

For me, fashion is art, I admire how we can put our personal touch and feel different from others by adding a few accessories to our outfit. Whether jewelry, a beautiful hairstyle or a coat. We can play with social networks nowadays with our outfit and our atypical style or not, the poses of the photos that we can take to give even more style to the style of the outfit. As we often say "the habit does not make the monk" but it can bring so much out of a person.

From Miss Europe Continental I expect to have fun, meet beautiful people, create other experiences, live and know other emotions. I would like to grow out of it and gain even more self-confidence to be able to face the universe. I would like to be able to surprise myself and surprise others.

In 10 years I wish to have my own family with my husband and my 2 children by my side, God willing. I wish I could tell to myself that I succeeded in becoming the accomplished woman I’ve always wanted to be. I wish to have accomplished my personal projects without forgetting that the most important things are have faith and trust in God, who guides us.